color palette, inspired by: my soul

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Benedict Cumberbatch made it on that list and Laverne Cox didn’t and I’m about to live up to my url really soon

i just went so hardcore while i was journaling that im bleeding


this is a religious experience


President Luigi, accompanied by Vice President Mario, stand proudly in front of the United States Capitol after successfully conquering the american government and (former) President Obama himself.   22-04-2014.

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Still one of my best purchases from France.

"La force en toi, tu sentiras!"
“The strength in you, you will feel!”

it’s “force” not “strength” geez watch a movie why don’t ya


Benedict cumberbatch is on a list of influential people and he hasn’t done a god damn thing to influence any fucking human except give fandom bloggers feels

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she’s turning 30 this year

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