the sun is rising. we made it kids. happy Labor Day. make it a good one. live like you’re dying.

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i’ve been listening to Vessel on repeat since 9 o’clock last night why did no one stop me

6 am who’s up

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im not allowed to fall asleep until i finish all my euro work

me when joe died in Their Eyes Were Watching God

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i’m literally laying in bed rocking back and forth dreading having to go back to my desk and stare at my notebook for two hours trying to be productive. i’d much rather read my english books all day. and lol i have to write an essay still.

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how do people become less radical as they age instead of more like every new adulthood experience just convinces me more that capitalism & the state must be destroyed

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is this a tumbl? am I blogging? I saw a chat button as I was about to type this. does that mean we talk? i am online, on the internet, and my mom’s using the land line at the same time!


it is 4 am. i am very tired. my body craves sleep. but there is still so much to do so much to see

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tfw school starts in like 29 hours

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