Title: 'Kitchen Sink' excerpt
Artist: twenty one pilots
Album: Regional At Best
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Mariam’s moments of structural significance in twenty one pilots’s songs: [1/?] ‘Kitchen Sink.’

The interlude.

Tyler’s transition from ‘leave me alone’ to ‘don’t leave me alone.’

Hands down, one of the best musical moments in twenty one pilots discography.

The entire song talks about how thoughts are subjective, minds are your own, and most importantly, that feelings are feelings. Feelings are unapologetic, the emotions you have are your own, and that’s okay, and I feel like when Tyler makes that transition from ‘leave me alone’ to ‘don’t leave me alone’, to me, it just confirms all of that. It makes me feel like there are no flaws when it comes to feeling things, and that yes, we as humans can and are allowed to be self-contradicting, and the longer he sings, the more that seems to resonate: especially when other voices join his.

It feels like solidarity to me, like Tyler just being aware of the way minds and emotions work in relation to behaviour and the way we say things.

Human nature. Subjectivity. Kitchen sinks. Hella deep.

What am I doin

Oh yeah that’s right I’m doin me


welcome to the FEMINIST CULT, today we’ll talk about terrifying topics such as BEING NICE TO YOURSELF and PROPER SEX EDUCATION

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Last night is a blur, 1 (the white parts are transparent)

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Ali Michael in 'Bodies of Water' photographed by Chadwick Tyler for Victory Journal #5

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